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We Run by Stephen Winch

You wore satin pajamas
And pulled a golden rope
Eyes as big as sand dunes
When you heard the word elope
The ladder shook with energy
But the car refused to start
So down the road we ran together,
Till death do us part

We ran through summer nights
And we ran through winter days
We ran so long and hard,
No place could make us stay
We probably could have stopped somewhere,
But realized what wed done
Become the means to some great end
That started with a run

I woke you when I heard the news,
The battle had begun
Sides were drawn and boys were gone
Before the morning sun
You wore flannel pajamas
And you jumped right our of bed
Headed for the nearest door
And nothing more was said


Dont tell me love wont take us
everywhere we want to go
Its more than we can handle
Standing on our own
So we run
We run

You had no pajamas
And your skin was smooth as silk
Time was never compromised
Through all the life we built
When you dreamed of leaving town
I was there with you
On the road to everywhere,
Its all we ever knew



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